"Wow, what a great turkey.  My mother-in-law is from France, her father was the village butcher, so she knows her meats.  She was very impressed.  We wish we got a bigger one!  Also, we had the tenderloin last night , and wow was it tender. Is that something you have more of?  Thank you!!"  
~ Maxine, Moretown.

"I have never tasted anything like a Guinea hen before.  It is the best thing EVER! Really, there is nothing richer or more delicious.  They are a fantastic secret.  Thanks Guys!"

~ Jeremy, Montpelier

"Last fall we bought a freezer package of meats from Lila and Dave. What a wonderful adventure! My weekly meal planning was such fun with the wide varitey of delicious meats I had to choose from. People say that rabbit tastes like chicken - not from Tangletown it doesn't. The recipe for rabbit pie was awesome and fed us several dinners. The breakfast sausage was great as was the steak and guinea hen - it was all spectacular -  but I have to say, of all of it, the ham stands alone. None of us had ever had anything that came anywhere close to a match to it (and we eat mostly local meats - I don't know how it can be so much more special but it is). We've ordered one for Christmas. A drive to the farm is a small effort for the flavor boost of Tangleltown meats."
~ Margi Swett, Morrisville

"Getting the meat CSA was a big step for my family.  My kids don't like many things, and we were concerned that we wouldn't be able to feed them the less common kinds of meat.  Tangletown started us off with chicken, pork and beef.  Then we slowly stretched into guinea Hen, then rabbit, and finally duck and pheasant.   They coached us through the cooking.  My kids now wont eat meat that hasn't been raised locally.  They know that a burger from Tangletown comes from one cow, raised with so much care, and they don't want anything else." 

~ Lisa, East Montpelier.

"When Lila and Dave of Tangletown Farm say that they ethically raise meat, they really mean it. They don’t just talk the talk; they walk the walk. I’ve been to their place quite a few times over the past year, first as a customer who wanted to see how his food was being treated and later as a friend, too, and I can honestly say that if I were a chicken or a pig or a rabbit or a turkey or a steer, destined to be someone’s meal, I would want to live the time that I had under Lila and Dave’s care. They honor and cherish their livestock, as evidenced by the fact that all of their animals have the run of their place, except perhaps the cattle that are moved around so that they can get the best grazing. I’ve never seen any of their animals cooped up, except the newly hatched or born. Rather, they move around the yard all day, grazing, eating fallen apples and other good organic food. Even if you’re not invested in the ethics of this kind of treatment, you can taste the health, vitality and happiness that these animals had. It’s absolutely without a doubt the best meat I’ve ever eaten! I strongly recommend that you try Tangletown meat and eggs. Tangletown Farm is truly a Central Vermont treasure that deserves our support."

~  Dr. William Ritke-Jones, Year-round CSA member