Happy Thanksgiving!  

$25.00 deposit, and $5/lb.

Our fresh, local, pasture-raised turkey will be the highlight of your Thanksgiving feast. It is simply outstanding and we receive great reviews from our customers constantly. These turkeys bathe in the sun and roam around and eat the lushest Vermont grasses.  The quality of their life shows in the quality of the meat, no doubt.

We raise Broad-Breasted White turkeys; they produce the juicy, rich flavor that we all associate with Thanksgiving! They grow to be anywhere from 13-30 pounds.

If you know what size you would like, please enter that in the comments section when you order.  We try to break it up from 13-16lbs, 17-20, and over 20 lbs. Thank you!

Order your turkey with a deposit now and you'll pay for the actual weight of the turkey when you pick it up. They are $5/lb.  You won't be disappointed!

Also- Pete's Greens Customers- You can order online here and have your Turkey delivered with your CSA.  You can also have it delivered to the Pete's Greens Farm Store in Waterbury.  If the order form gives you trouble specifying the location, shoot us a quick email and we will get your turkey to the right place!

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