Specialty Poultry and Game

We offer an assortment of local, ethically raised specialty poultry including: guinea hen, and pheasant. We also offer rabbit. All of our meats are 100% free of hormones and antibiotics.  Guinea Hen, well, there is absolutely nothing to compare it to.  It is hands down the most delicious tasting treat ever.  One customer mentioned that it tastes "like chicken times 1,000."  We believe it.  It is silky and rich without any gamey flavor at all.

Rabbit is also a wonderful meat to eat, and in many ways much more sustainable a choice than any poultry.  Rabbits love vegetables.  In the summer we feed all our rabbits a diet that consists almost entirely of veggie scraps like lettuce and cabbage ends, potatoes, carrots and sunflowers. They turn all of that raw matter into meat! Plus they are out eating great clovers and grasses, which provides even more nutrition. Besides purchasing direct from us at the Montpelier Farmers' Market, you can purchase them at the holidays at Hunger Mountain Coop and enjoy rabbit dishes at Thee Penny Taproom in Montpelier.

How to Buy:

Receive $225 worth of meat for $200 or $450 worth of meat for $400. You select the type of meat you want and when to pick it up.

3 Rabbits for $75. You'll get about 18-20 lbs of meat. Rabbits range from 3-4 lbs. each. You may order as many shares as you like.


Individual Purchase

These special meats are available year round at our booth at the Montpelier Farmers Market and select local specialty food stores.

Guinea Hen

Guinea hen taste like chicken times 1,000!  Their meat is silky, rich, and easy to cook. It's dark meat, but also very lean. It's prepared in the same way chicken is. Guinea Hen are great grazers and eat a diet rich in grasses, organic vegetables, and grain. 


We raise ring-necked pheasants. They are beautiful to look at and produce an incredibly rich flavor.  They are much smaller than a chicken, and the meat is a little darker.  It has a silky rich flavor that melts in your mouth!  They grow to be about 3-4 pounds.


We raise New Zealand rabbits, the most common for meat production.  All of our rabbits are bred and born on our farm. The meat is very lean, mild, and tender, and crazy as it sounds - kids love it.  The meat is great for roasting and barbecueing, soups and anything! Mature rabbits are about 3 pounds. 

How They Are Raised:


All of our animals are pasture-based.  This is allows the animals to have an enjoyable life full of valuable nutrition and to live the way animals should, freely.  The birds and rabbits fertilize the soil and encourage nutritious grasses, clovers and legumes to grow which revitalizes the land. We raise them in mobile coops with mobile fencing, and they start outside like this from the very beginning of life.  We have an intricate pasture plan where the cows and horses rotate through the fields first and then the poultry follows.  They have lush pastures to graze in, within the large animal pastures.

What They Eat:


We feed all of our poultry grain and we never use hormones or antibiotics. We have our grain custom made for us, because we try to buy as much grain grown in Vermont as we can.  It isn't always available, but we can usually have our wheat and soy grown in Vermont.  We have Ken Van Hazinga, the grower, take the grains to Green Mountain Feeds where they supplement the Vermont grain with the extra grains and vitamins we need. We also grow organic carrots and sunflowers for our animals.  As we grow our farm we look forward to producing more of our own grain right here on the farm, by animal power.  

Our rabbits eat organic sunflowers, carrots and turnips. Their veggie and pasture diet is supplemented with rabbit pellets.  This is the only kind of grain we cannot have custom made for us, as rabbits are so sensitive and we do not what to upset their balanced diet.  They do a fantastic job of grazing down the plants in the pastures that other animals like cows, pigs and chickens, dislike.   They Live in Mobile hutches with mobile fencing, and are moved at least once every day to make sure they are getting all the fresh grasses they want and need. This also keeps them from digging deep holes!