Mobile Poultry Processing:

Raising Chickens?  Need someone to process them humanely and efficiently for you?  
We will process your chickens for $6/bird plus the cost of ice and labeling.  Additional charges for very dirty or mishandled chickens.  
Minimum of 25 birds per person.  We schedule monthly.
We do daily e.coli testing to ensure the quality and wholesomeness of your poultry.
We do not do Ducks.
Email us at to schedule your processing.
Thank you!

UPDATE 2016: Mobile Poultry Unit For Sale: $55,000

We are ready to take the next step and build a bigger processing facility on our farm.  We bought the Mobile Unit from the State of Vermont four years ago and have had tremendous success.  In 2009, our first year farming we did 60 broilers and in 2014 we were up about 10,000.  It is perfect for someone ready to take the step with minimal risk into Inspected Poultry.

We have all the numbers to help the right person get going successfully.

For example, at 5% interest, one could pay off the unit in five years by doing about 1,000 birds of your own or 300 birds per month for the public.  

300 birds is 2 days of processing per month.

We consider one year one pasture season, or about six months.

We have operated in the Unit from April through December.

Email us at for more info.

We are motivated sellers and want to see the next people move into Inspected Poultry and get off to a good start as we did.

You can also look at the Craigslist ad Here: