Pasture-Raised Pork

You are in for a real treat! Our pork is tender, juicy, and full of flavor. It's much different than what you find anywhere else. All of our meats are 100% free of hormones and antibiotics. In the winter the pigs lounge in a huge barn with tons of hay to burrow into.  In the summer they are out in the woods, rotting around along the pasture lines. They also have an 8 acre pasture full of all the grasses and clovers they love. They have piglets twice a year, once in the summer outside in the woods and fields, and once in the winter, in the big roomy barn. Pigs like to be comfy and clean, and we work hard to make sure they are happy as happy can be. Also, we have been working on the genetics of our pigs for years to grow pigs that are lean, tasty and rich in flavor, while also being friendly, hearty animals that love to forage.  We offer pork chops, pork tenderloin, country ribs and spare ribs, sausage, bacon, ham and roasts.

How to Buy:

Stock Up Share

Stock your freezer with a great assortment of our most popular meats: free range chicken and turkey, grassfed beef, and pasture raised pork! Sm: $350, Lg: $500

Our Simple CSA

Receive $225 worth of meat for $200 or $450 worth of meat for $400. You select the type of meat you want and when to pick it up.

20 lb. Variety Box

Our variety box is a great value. It has an assortment of cuts and fits in a standard freezer. 


Whole or Half Pig

Love Pork? This gives you the most meat for your money. A whole pig is roughly 120lbs, a half pig is roughly 60lbs.

Individual Purchase

Our pork products are available year round at our booth at the Montpelier Farmers Market and select local specialty food stores.

To purchase an Easter Ham, go to the Order Now page and reserve!


How Our Pigs are Raised:


Our pigs are pasture based and forage around all of our land. This is allows the animals to have an enjoyable life full of valuable nutrition and to live the way pigs should, freely. We have an intricate pasture plan where the cows and horses rotate through the fields first and then the poultry follows.  They have lush pastures to graze in, within the large animal pastures.

What They Eat:


We feed our pigs organic apple drops from our own apple trees, corn, sunflower seeds, pumpkins and root veggies from our gardens, and hormone and antibiotic-free grain. As we grow our farm we look forward to producing more of our own grain right here on the farm, by animal power.  

Pig Breeds: 

Tamworth and Chester White Cross
They are pasture based and forage around all of our land. We found that the straight tamworth breed grew very slowly which made it hard to keep up with the demand.  SO we have crossed in some chester white, which is a long, old breed that also forages very well.  They grow pretty fast, are super friendly and root like crazy.