Interesting Facts & Good Reads:

1.  What is a CSA?  Find out >

2.  A Presentation by Gwendolyn Hallsmith, Montpelier City Planner, about Cheap Food and how to pay attention to how much fossil fuel it takes to grow and transport food to our grocery stores from around the world. We can reduce our emissions, increase our food production and grow our local economies if we buy local.  Download Presentation > 

3.  A letter to President Barack Obama by Michael Pollan about food policy and the need for a different approach.  Read letter >

4. Must-Read Books and Must-See Movies:

6.  A CSA Option for the Poor
In order to strengthen our economy and reduce reliance on fossil fuels, local food HAS to be made available to everyone- low income people included. This important article is about farmers working toward this goal   Read Article >
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Farm Anecdotes


A friend gave us a few goose and chicken eggs as a surprise gift in January, to incubate. Here is the result:  this one funny chicken (the other eggs we preseume had gotten too cold prior to incubation)  She's had a small home in our kitchen.... yes, that's what I said.  Kitchen.  She hopped out  recently and chose to sleep all night on my muck boots... She has a new cage now. 


Last fall, young, three week old broiler chickens climbed into this pumpkin every day and methodically hollowed it all out. There were about 30 other pumpkins to choose from, but they would wait in line out the back to get in this one!  This is a true testament that meat chickens will forage and eat great stuff other than grain.