Fresh Eggs

There's nothing better than farm fresh eggs!  These are especially tasty and loved by our whole family. All of our animals are 100% free of hormones and antibiotics.  Our birds love being outside, roaming, pecking, finding things to cluck about.  The eggs are rich and delicious.  Hens are funny, they have  a lot to be busy about. We feed much left over veggie scraps from neighboring vegetable farms, which adds even more quality, flavor and color to the eggs.  Besides the farmers' market in Montpelier, you can purchase our eggs at City Market in Burlington or enjoy them in the many delicious things cooked up at Three Penny Taproom in Montpelier.  

Our Simple CSA
eceive $225 worth of meat and eggs for $200 or $450 worth of meat and eggs for $400. You select what you want and pick it up as you need it.

Individual Purchase: $5/dozen
Our farm fresh eggs are available year round at our booth at the Montpelier Farmers Market and select local specialty food stores.

How Our Chickens are Raised:


All of our animals are pasture-based.  This is allows the animals to have an enjoyable life full of valuable nutrition and to live the way birds should, freely.  The birds fertilize the soil and encourage nutritious grasses, clovers and legumes to grow which revitalizes the land. We raise them in mobile coops with mobile fencing, and they start outside like this from the very beginning of life.  We have an intricate pasture plan where the cows and horses rotate through the fields first and then the poultry follows.  They have lush pastures to graze in, within the large animal pastures.

What They Eat:


We feed all of our poultry grain and we never use hormones or antibiotics. We have our grain custom made for us, because we try to buy as much grain grown in Vermont as we can.  It isn't always available, but we can usually have our wheat and soy grown in Vermont.  We have Ken Van Hazinga, the grower, take the grains to Green Mountain Feeds where they supplement the Vermont grain with the extra grains and vitamins we need. We also grow organic carrots and sunflowers for our animals.  As we grow our farm we look forward to producing more of our own grain right here on the farm, by animal power. 

Laying Hen Breeds:

We raise Buffs, Orpingtons, Barred and Plymouth Rocks. Roughly 25% of our hens were bred and hatched right here on the farm! All of the birds are reliable layers, friendly to each other and to us.  They are great foragers as well.  We feed them a combination of grain, corn, oyster shells and grit.  They need the oyster shell for extra calcium and the grit to help fully digest all of the nutrients they get from their grain and foraging treats.  We also grow sunflower seeds that we add to their diet for extra nutrition for us and delicious treats for them.