Free Range Chicken

Try our fresh free range chicken and you'll never go back to eating another kind! The meat is tender, juicy, and packed with flavor. All of our meats are 100% free of hormones and antibiotics. We work hard to put our birds out to pasture.  We believe they should be living the life that is natural to them, taking dust baths, soaking up sun and pecking around.  Our chicken is special not only because of how we raise them, but because we operate a VTDA licensed poultry processing facility.  We process our chickens under inspection which ensures they were handled safely and cleanly and are entirely wholesome.  Being inspected also allows us to sell our chicken in stores and in cuts as well as whole, like Chicken breasts and thighs and wings.  Coming soon we will have chicken sausage too!  We hope you will enjoy the taste of our chickens as much as we love raising them.

You can find our chicken at the Montpelier Farmers' Market each week, on the shelves at City Market and Healthy Living in Burlington, and the Hunger Mountain Co-op in Montpelier.

Starting in the Spring of 2015  you will find out chicken at Buffalo Mountain Coop in Hardwick, Pete's Greens Farmstand in Waterbury and Mehuron's Market in Waitsfield.

How to Buy:

Stock Up Share

Stock your freezer with a great assortment of our most popular meats: free range chicken and turkey, grassfed beef, and pasture raised pork. The Large share includes 5 whole chickens!
Sm: $350, Lg: $500

Easy Share CSA

Receive $225 worth of meat for $200 or $450 worth of meat for $400. You select the type of meat you want and when to pick it up. 

Whole Chicken Share

5 whole chickens for $100 or 11 chickens for $200.  Order now and receive six chickens for $100 or 12 for $200!

20 lb. Chicken Box

A variety of cuts of the juiciest, most flavorful chicken you'll ever have!

Individual Purchase

Our chicken is available year round at our booth at the Montpelier Farmers Market and select local specialty food stores.

How Our Chickens are Raised:


All of our animals are pasture-based.  This is allows the animals to have an enjoyable life full of valuable nutrition and to live the way birds should, freely.  The birds fertilize the soil and encourage nutritious grasses, clovers and legumes to grow which revitalizes the land. We raise them in mobile coops with mobile fencing, and they start outside like this from the very beginning of life.  We have an intricate pasture plan where the cows and horses rotate through the fields first and then the poultry follows.  They have lush pastures to graze in, within the large animal pastures.

What Our Chickens Eat:


We feed all of our poultry grain and we never use hormones or antibiotics. We have our grain custom made for us, because we try to buy as much grain grown in Vermont as we can.  It isn't always available, but we can usually have our wheat and soy grown in Vermont.  We have Ken Van Hazinga, the grower, take the grains to Green Mountain Feeds where they supplement the Vermont grain with the extra grains and vitamins we need. We also grow organic carrots and sunflowers for our animals.  As we grow our farm we look forward to producing more of our own grain right here on the farm, by animal power.  

Chicken Breeds:

Cornish Cross Breed
This is a fast growing, amicable bird.  They are great to have around, love foraging through the  pastures and they produce juicy tender meat!  They grow to be about 4-5 pounds.  This year we are experimenting with breeding our own, which we are very excited about.