Happy Winter!



We are so happily enjoying winter up here!  We have about 1,000 hens laying eggs, and a bunch of new piglets have just arrived!  Winter is wonderful because of how cozy in the barns all the animals are.  In the summer, we get to enjoy moving the animals from field to field, and seeing them graze and fertilize all at the same time.  It is rewarding and so beautiful to see them out on the pastures, eating, growing and improving the land.  But in the winter, it is just as enjoyable.  The animals are close and we have to clean the barns every day, which provides a lot of opportunity for bonding.  The pigs love their morning belly rubs!  It's amazing to hear a barn full of animals snoring happily.  Winter for animals is a lot like winter for humans.  We hunker down, eat a little more, and just enjoy! Also, watching the manure stockpile in our pit is also great.  We know that all of that rich compost will make our grasses and soils lush and rich as well. 

We here on the farm hope you are all enjoying the winter sun and snow as much as we are.  When you settle down at the end of the day, just picture our happy pigs and chickens, snuggled up in the toasty barns, munching on organic bread and nestling down into the nice fresh hay we grow for them!

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