100% Grass-fed Beef

ur 100% grass-fed beef is lean, flavorful, and satisfying. The beef has a rich flavor that is less gamey than other grass-fed beef.  All of our meats are 100% free of hormones and antibiotics.  The reason our beef is so good is because of the quality forage they get year round. We have always taken care to feed top quality hay, and pastured on rich and fertile and nutritious pastures.  The health of our cows comes out in the sweet taste of the beef.  Lila might not survive without a burger every day or two, it is the staple of her diet!. We offer a variety of steaks, beef tenderloin, roasts, and hamburger. We have changed how we do beef a bit recently, partnering with another farmer who owns some of the cows but it is all grazed on our lands.  We have not been able to keep up with demand so we brought in David Sparrow of Sparrow Farm who is providing some of the young stock.  It is all fabulous and raised with love! 

How to Buy:

Stock Up Share

Stock your freezer with a great assortment of our most popular meats: free range chicken and turkey, grassfed beef, and pasture raised pork! Sm: $350, Lg: $500

Our Simple CSA

Receive $225 worth of meat for $200 or $450 worth of meat for $400. You select the type of meat you want and when to pick it up. 


20 lb. Beef Variety Box

Love beef? This option will give you the most meat for your money. We have a variety box which has different cuts and fits in your freezer.


15 lb. Burger Box

A 15 lb. box of the highest quality grass-fed ground beef. It will fit in a standard size freezer.


Individual Purchase

Our grass-fed beef is available year round at our booth at the Montpelier Farmers Market and select local specialty food stores.

Love a good burger? So do we! Our Smart Burgers Program is a way of getting healthier, local grass-fed beef into our school cafeterias. We raise unwanted bulls from local dairy farms then sell that meat (at a very reasonable price!) to local schools. Learn More >

About Our Cows:


Our cows are very special cows. They are Black Angus Lowline and they live on huge lush wonderful pastures in the summer, and in the winter are given high quality, nutritious hay.  They are still able to roam around through the snow and soak up the sun all winter. Our cattle have a richer flavor that is less gamey than other primarily grass-fed beef.  Its more flavorful without sticking to your pallete the way beef sometimes can.  We attribute this to the quality of the pastures and hay they receive.   Their meat is lean and flavorful and satiating.  We spend time with the cows as well, which makes them great to be around and fairly easy to handle.