Meet Our Family:

We are a small Vermont family farm committed to providing high quality and well cared for meat to our community.  We were vegetarians for years and began to eat meat when, Lila, pregnant with our second child, began dreaming about roasted chickens! It became clear that all people need a diverse selection of healthy choices, and that buying organically grown veggies from China and California is having just as damaging an impact on the world as factory farming.  We began to buy more local products, (chickens for roasting among them) and then to grow our own.  Now, teaching our children about the direct connection from farm to table is another important part of why we farm. Leading an increasingly self-sufficient lifestyle and ensuring our food is cared for is what drives our inspiration for farming.  


Our Farming Philosophy:

We believe local food should be available to everyone. And everyone should enjoy great local food!

Our country is at the beginning of a food revolution.  Buying food that is grown close to home helps reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, reduces our carbon footprint, and supports our local economy! We farm so we can offer truly great, high quality meat that is tasty, healthy, and that can be enjoyed by our neighbors. It is very satisfying to see lots of happy healthy animals outside, nurturing the soil, being happy and then feeding us. 


Community Involvement:

Our business gives to food shelves and sells to local schools. We believe that healthy eating practices start early.  We are committed to educating children about whole, nutritious, local food., and getting that food into the schools. We just started a program called Smart Burgers to further this end.  Did you know that one pound of conventional burger has literally hundreds of cows in it?  Ours and most Vermont farmers, have just one cow in a pound at a time.  Be sure to check out the Smart Burgers page on this site, and donate if you can.   Every bit helps get more Vermont beef into schools at prices schools and farmers can afford.

Also, NOFA offers a Farm Share Program: NOFA Vermont’s Farm Share Program assists limited-income Vermonters in obtaining farm fresh foods. Farm Share participants receive partially subsidized shares from Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms. If you'd like to support this program you can make a donation here. If you would like to donate a different amount, please contact us. To learn more about the farm share program please visit nofavt.org

You can also Donate to the NOFA farm share on this site under the  ordering page.

Our Meats

We offer free-range chicken, duck, guinea hen, and turkey, pasture-raised pork, and grassfed beef, and rabbit! All of our animals are never fed any hormones or antibiotics.  We work hard to rotate them often so they always have access to the lushest and freshest grasses and clovers.  Also, rotationally grazing all of our animals the way we do nurtures the soils and makes each pasture even more healthy and fertile.  The end result: high quality, lean, delicious local meats, and lush, healthy land. 

All of our animals graze on, forage in and root through 188 acres of lush pasture on our farm in West Glover, Vermont. 


The Farm Name

When we were naming our farm, we did a lot of research looking for something that tied our farm to the history of the land.  At the time, Lila was a teaching at an elementary school, and a fellow teacher was speaking about hunting and how her husband was going up through "Tangletown", a nickname given to the town of Middlesex, VT because hunters frequently get lost in the woods there.  The name fit.  We have such an array of animals that our farm is a tangletown!  There are always children, chickens, pigs, turkeys, visitors and everything else all over the place here.  The name fits the amount of vibrance and activity we always have going on.